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Amber Glass Dropper
Amber glass helps to filter UV light, so the amber glass dropper is ideal for storing light-sensitive products such as pharmaceuticals. At the same time, the design of the dropper allows for a slower and more accurate dispensing of the liquid.
White Plastic Dropper
The white plastic dropper is made of plastic that meets the standards and does not release harmful substances. It can be used safely and without damaging health. The white plastic dropper is lightweight and easy to squeeze and can be used to dispense and
Glass Dropper for Serum Bottle
The glass dropper for serum bottle allows you to easily and precisely control each droplet, making it super practical. And the dropper is made of glass and does not interact with oil or chemicals and is very safe.
18mm Dropper Cap
Wuxi Yi-shine was established in 2017 and always has been specialized in aluminum products like disc top cap, dropper, perfume sets, mist sprayer etc.
Black Standard Glass Dropper
The black glass dropper is a standard rubber nipple. The nipple is continuously squeezed 0.5ml once, about 1ml twice, which is very easy to use. You can also customize it according to your needs.
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